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March 10, 2008


David Kutcher

John, I appreciate your skepticism, I myself have been on the receiving end of many rejections. But I disagree on your conclusion of saying no and RFMing when in many cases meetings are not possible. Please read my article on how to raise your RFP ROI [ http://advice.cio.com/confluentdave/raise_your_rfp_roi ], and visit the RFP Database [ http://www.rfpdb.com ]

John Hirth


Thanks for your response to my recent post on johnhirth.com.

Suffice it to say in a 600 word post I can only give a small portion of the information, strategy and tactics that we normally provide in our programs regarding this topic. Additionally, like any recommendations on the topic of selling they rarely apply to all businesses and circumstances.

I looked at your article and I'm surprised that you disagreed because I think we are saying about the same thing... sales people need to learn how and what RFP's and RFQ's to respond to. The majority of them spend to much time on poorly qualified projects.

My theory behind "making a call" is only one way of "filtering" who to spend time with. You made some other suggestions in your article that I think could also work and in fact could be combined with or might preface the tactic I provided.

Thanks for your interest in my blog and I hope you will continue to provide food for thought.

John Hirth

John Hirth


I spent more time reviewing your article and was wondering if it was complete, or was it edited for length? It suggested that sales people need to be more selective of the RFP's they chase (strategy) but gave no specific information on how to create or achieve that selectivity (tactics). "Strategy without tactics is the noise before defeat"...Sun Zu, Art of War.

I also found it interesting that you did not agree with my suggestion that RFP's need to be "filtered" by requesting RFM's, which means not responding as asked (which creates difference). More interesting in light of the fact that you run a website that promotes RFP's and the responses sales people spend valuable time on.

I can understand why you would disagree with my advise given the fact that it might limit the responses (and traffic) to the RFP's your site promotes. Sounds like a clear conflict of interest and so my advise to the people that read this blog would be "take my advise"...

John Hirth

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